MiaFFLogo2.pngWelcome to the MIAFilm Festival (MIAFF) family. Together we embark on a journey for generations to come. MIAFF was designed, as we like to call it, a “Second Chance” platform. The “Second Chance” concept comes to life to give filmmakers a second chance. What do we mean by that? Many of filmmakers, including ourselves here at #MIAFF have been denied entry in many festivals, specifically here in our own backyard, Miami Florida. This denial process is not necessary related to the quality of the work, instead politics (who you know) or simply the festival not being able to keep up with submission volumes, some as much as 20,000 submissions. Many festivals don’t even have the ability to watch all the films during the selection process. The MIA Film Festival will eliminate the politics behind festivals and we welcome filmmakers and artists from all walks of life.